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From G’s to Gents Season 1,Episode 3—Play or Be Played

Air date: 07/29/2008

This week on From G’s to Gents: the editors fuck up and show a preview of a future ep where the guys all learn how to talk to women. Some girl talks about wanting to do body shots off of Stan’s chest, so apparantly they learn how to be gentleman to girls who get a little slutty at parties. Ahem. So, due to this eff up, we know going into the ep that Cee, Stan, Creepa and Kesan will be staying. Which totally ruins all the tension in this ep about Kesan trying to run out on the show.

I forgot to tell you guys in the first episode recap that I’m friends with one of Pretty Ricky’s cousins. So I only have two degrees of seperation from the white glove.

Let’s get to the actual episode they played. Start out with shots of tattoos, dogs, grafitti, shots of LA, the sun setting, G mansion. The G’s sit around and gossip about Kesan like a bunch of girls. They think Bentley doesn’t see who Kesan really is. Kesan stands on the balcony and listens to them, then pipes up. “What the hell you talkin’ about?” Hollering ensues, but Kesan doesn’t take the bait and goes back into his room.

What appears to be the next day, J Boogie sits around being boring, while Shotta voices over that he thinks J Boogie is a “gangsta who hangs around other gangstas, but is not really a gangsta.” JB interviews that he’s a pretty boy but will snap at you if you come at him the wrong way. Foreshadowing much? I think reality show editing must be pretty much like Paint by Numbers these days. I remember when competitive reality was actually interesting. Or even cheesy goodness like Paradise Island or Kept. Continue reading


From G’s to Gents: Season 1-Episode 2 —From G to GQ

Air date: 07/22/08

Just a note— I realize I am way behind with the recaps. I’m on ep 2 and ep 8 aired last night. I got a decent response to ep 1 and am going to try to bust these next 7 out as fast as I can to catch up.

Last week on the show…the guys are told they’re competing for 100k, they get their blazers, Pretty Ricky tells Fonzworth that he can go to the bathroom on his own(it didn’t make sense then either), The Truth argues with E6 and his fine ass, Pretty Ricky pees by a wall like he’s Mini Me or somebody, they have a Chapter meeting, the guys say that Creepa is intimidating (foreshadowing, anyone?), PeePee Ricky and The False[TM E6] are sent home.

This time I paid a little more attention to the opening credits. The song is pretty lame, and some of the lyrics that I bothered to catch said something about “repping my hood” and “transform my gangsta”.
Shots of LA, the Beverly Hills sign, the G’s house. The G’s wake up and make their bed while some talking head interviews discuss the elimination the night before. Creepa apparently slept in his blazer. Yuck. I hope that butler dude gets those dry cleaned. Creepa wants to talk about getting one black ball at elimination. (subtitled)”Whoever think they can play some **** chess right now, will get their ass spanked.” I’d like to note that the editors are slightly wrong with that—Creepa said “they”, not “their”. It’s G’s talking here! Throw all you know about grammar out the window.
Creepa and then Kesan bang on the bathroom door because D-Boy is taking too long. Kesan hits the door with a belt, then says “I’m going to fuck your mother, dog”. Bring grammar back for a second—that comma is very important in that sentence or we head into a whole different meaning. Then Kesan struts around and kicks what I guess was underwear, because then he calls outs “Briefs!” In a talking head, he tells us he has a history of violence. He and D-Boy talk shit back and forth. You’ve seen a few reality shows, right? Good, so you should know that that arguement will come into play later in the ep.

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From G’s to Gents: Season 1,Episode 1—Geez Whiz

Air date: 7/15/08

The world of competitive reality shows is a lucrative one. You’ve seen The Bachelor, Flavor of Love, The Bachelorette, Rock of Love, I Love New York and Charm School. Think producers would be all tapped out of ideas by now? Of course not! Charm School did well, so how ’bout the male version? MTV and Jamie Foxx bring you From G’s to Gents. Is it supposed to be G’s or Gs? I’m using G’s in my recap because that’s what the show’s title has it as.

 We start out with the first of many Reality Show Basics: The pimped out mansion. A narrator tells us: “Outside this prestigious L.A. gentleman’s club, 14 young G’s have gathered because they all share a desire to change.”

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