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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 3 “Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows”

Air date:09/19/11

So remember how last week it was really fun and silly? Well, that’s all over now. It quickly became the “Taylor looks really ugly when she cries” episode.

We’re back where we left off last week, with the girls rousing from their naps and freshening up for dinner. Kim interviews that she was half asleep and Taylor came in and jumped on her. We see Taylor and Kim laying in bed together, where Taylor endlessly whines about what a loser she thinks she is. “If you were going to bet on someone, I would never bet on me”.  Talks about growing up poor and how afraid she is of going back to that. Kim encourages her. Taylor says it’s easy to be drawn to Adrienne because she has no problems. Kim interjects that everyone has problems and less than desirable things happen to them, but to focus on the good things. Taylor “I feel so fragile because of everything I’m going through. I feel so bad about what I’ve done to you.” I have a feeling that word ‘fragile’ is going to be used a lot this season. I’m passing out shots. We get a flashback of Taylor threatening to go Oklahoma on Kim’s ass. Kyle jumps in bed and asks what’s going on. Taylor apologizes to Kim and says “I was such an asshole to you.” Kim agrees with her and they all laugh hysterically.

We get more shots of the kitchen staff preparing dinner. Kyle comes in and greets them, asking their names, then wonders where all of the girls are. Back in her room, Kim reveals that Taylor is hiding in Kyle’s suitcase. At this point, Taylor is just being a little silly and needy. They baby her and urge her to go get ready. Taylor’s hair looks like refried shit. Kyle and Kim each separately go to check on Taylor and get yanked into the room by Taylor. Okay, it’s getting a little weird now. Kim, probably starting to get a little tired of this, goes to Adrienne and urges her to check in on Taylor. Taylor, needing everyone in the house’s attention, is now bothering Lisa, who has gripped her elbows and asked her what’s going on. Taylor whines that her makeup is gone. Adrienne comes in and Taylor yanks herself out of Lisa’s grip and brats off. For whatever reason, everyone except Camille goes in and looks around for this fucking makeup bag. The makeup bag is found by Kyle in what I think was Kyle’s bathroom, and Taylor insists she didn’t leave it there. Everyone urges her to get ready. Throughout this whole segment, everyone interviews about how weird the behavior is, thinking it’s the altitude and she had too much to drink.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–Season 2,Episode 2 “Blame It On the Altitude”

Air date: 09/12/11

I’m going to choose not to comment on the stupid new opening credits they have for the women. At least for the time being.

Kyle moves into her new house, which she says was her dream house for awhile and she wished it into being hers. 7000 square feet with 7 bedrooms. She and Mauricio spot a framed wedding photo and talk about how they couldn’t put it up at their last house, which I’m completely puzzled about. Why not? Makes zero sense to me. I’ve noticed more and more  that I only really seem to enjoy Kyle when she’s with Mauricio and the kids. She’s so charming on those occasions.

Next we’re in Lisa’s amazing closet, which is probably the same size as my entire apartment. She asks her housekeeper for help in packing, as Camille has invited them all out to her house in Beaver Creek, CO before she sells the house. She picks up Giggy a couple of times and kisses him with her lips slightly parted, then calls him a “little sexy boy”.

Adrienne packs while Paul and their dogs look on. She again talks to Paul like he’s a child when she gives him instructions for while she’s away. These instructions include: Drive slow. Lock the doors. Keep the dog inside. Paul is a little annoyed at her instructions and begs off to go wash dog slobber off his hands, but Adrienne insists on first giving him directions. Paul exhales impatiently, much like a child, and Adrienne is taken aback. “Wooow”, she marvels. She interviews that he gives it back to her and she knew that when they got married. He leaves the room and they briefly compete for the dog’s attention.

Taylor and Adrienne travel to the airport together and discuss therapy and marriage. Taylor admits that she basically relinquished all control to Russell and is just now getting up enough strength to do small things like voice her opinion on where to go to dinner. Now, even keeping in mind Taylor’s claims that Russell was physically abusive, I’m still skeptical in this instance. I get the vibe that Taylor was always one of those “whatever you like” kinda girls when she hooked up with Russell, rather than him demanding they eat dinner at whatever place he decided. I know too many girls who, when their boyfriend asks where they should go for dinner, respond with “Oh, I don’t know. Wherever you want to go”. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I pick up that vibe from Taylor, big time.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–Season 2, Episode 1 “Return to Beverly Hills”

Air date: 9/5/11

I’m sure Andy Cohen shit a brick when Russell Armstrong committed suicide just weeks before season 2 of RHOBH premiered. No doubt there are many hours of Taylor’s big lips and forehead vein whining about how unloved she is on the cutting room floor, due to all of the editing that had to quickly take place. Oh shit, I guess since everything is digital now, the term “cutting room floor” is now obsolete.  But “dragged to recycle bin” is far less dramatic.

We’re informed that this day of filming is Aug.29. So Bravo decided to just address the suicide right off, rather than start with a Black Screen of Doom. Somber music plays as Kyle enters Lisa’s house, later followed by Lisa, Ken, Mauricio and Camille. All are dressed in dark clothes since this was all organized for them to be able to reflect on the suicide. Kim shows up, and clearly wanted to hang onto the last few acceptable days of wearing white before Labor Day takes that fashion choice away. Led by Adrienne, they all discuss how they didn’t see this coming, etc. We get a loving shot of Mauricio caressing Kyle’s hand, then the cameraman pans up to Kyle’s face. I’m immediately taken aback by Kyle’s lips. I don’t know if she’s just been using Joey New York Lip Plumper or her new closeness with Taylor has caused her to go running in to get injections, but something is going on with her lips. Is it just me? I only partially listen as they all discuss how the suicide was Russell’s choice, wasn’t Taylor’s fault, their hearts go out to Taylor, blahblahblah. I’m bored already. Bring on Brandi Glanville.

Bravo covers it’s ass. “The events depicted in this series were recorded prior to the death of Russell Armstrong.”

Quick recap of Season 1. Adrienne and Paul bicker. Lisa and Cedric enjoy each others company. Kelsey and Camille split up, due to Kelsey’s affair. Taylor cries about her marriage. Kyle and Camille butt heads. Kim and Kyle fight. What I take away from that is that these are all of the things we are going to revisit this season.

Lisa goes to the beauty salon, where she meets her daughter Pandora and Lisa pressures her about getting married. For whatever reason, there is a camera crew at Lisa’s house while neither she or Ken are home. How very convenient that Pandora’s boyfriend Jason just happens to show up to see Ken. Ken, full-time dog walker, returns. Jason asks for Pandora’s hand in marriage. Ken is delighted. I’m bored. And wondering if the Lisa/Cedric friendship was what got her cast on the show, because I’m realizing her only storylines this season seem to be her daughter’s engagement and how she carts around Giggy. Don’t get mewrong, Lisa was my favorite “character” last season, but I have no interest in what her dog is doing or wearing.

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