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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–Season 2,Episode 2 “Blame It On the Altitude”

Air date: 09/12/11

I’m going to choose not to comment on the stupid new opening credits they have for the women. At least for the time being.

Kyle moves into her new house, which she says was her dream house for awhile and she wished it into being hers. 7000 square feet with 7 bedrooms. She and Mauricio spot a framed wedding photo and talk about how they couldn’t put it up at their last house, which I’m completely puzzled about. Why not? Makes zero sense to me. I’ve noticed more and more  that I only really seem to enjoy Kyle when she’s with Mauricio and the kids. She’s so charming on those occasions.

Next we’re in Lisa’s amazing closet, which is probably the same size as my entire apartment. She asks her housekeeper for help in packing, as Camille has invited them all out to her house in Beaver Creek, CO before she sells the house. She picks up Giggy a couple of times and kisses him with her lips slightly parted, then calls him a “little sexy boy”.

Adrienne packs while Paul and their dogs look on. She again talks to Paul like he’s a child when she gives him instructions for while she’s away. These instructions include: Drive slow. Lock the doors. Keep the dog inside. Paul is a little annoyed at her instructions and begs off to go wash dog slobber off his hands, but Adrienne insists on first giving him directions. Paul exhales impatiently, much like a child, and Adrienne is taken aback. “Wooow”, she marvels. She interviews that he gives it back to her and she knew that when they got married. He leaves the room and they briefly compete for the dog’s attention.

Taylor and Adrienne travel to the airport together and discuss therapy and marriage. Taylor admits that she basically relinquished all control to Russell and is just now getting up enough strength to do small things like voice her opinion on where to go to dinner. Now, even keeping in mind Taylor’s claims that Russell was physically abusive, I’m still skeptical in this instance. I get the vibe that Taylor was always one of those “whatever you like” kinda girls when she hooked up with Russell, rather than him demanding they eat dinner at whatever place he decided. I know too many girls who, when their boyfriend asks where they should go for dinner, respond with “Oh, I don’t know. Wherever you want to go”. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I pick up that vibe from Taylor, big time.

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Pop Culture Moments from My Adolescence

In my last entry, I talked to you about being an 80s child. But I also see myself as a 90s child as well, and if there were ever a Wonder Years type show based on my coming of age years, the soundtrack would be filled with New Jack Swing from the early 90s. So I’ll be posting videos on occasion that take me back to a simpler time, like those days in junior high when I had a crush on Rostell, the guy who wore all his pants backwards to be like Kriss Kross. ‘Member that? He hung onto that trend way longer than he should have too.

Here’s the first video. Ah, Monday nights at 730 in 7th grade—-were spent rapping along to the theme song to this show.

From G’s to Gents: Season 1-Episode 2 —From G to GQ

Air date: 07/22/08

Just a note— I realize I am way behind with the recaps. I’m on ep 2 and ep 8 aired last night. I got a decent response to ep 1 and am going to try to bust these next 7 out as fast as I can to catch up.

Last week on the show…the guys are told they’re competing for 100k, they get their blazers, Pretty Ricky tells Fonzworth that he can go to the bathroom on his own(it didn’t make sense then either), The Truth argues with E6 and his fine ass, Pretty Ricky pees by a wall like he’s Mini Me or somebody, they have a Chapter meeting, the guys say that Creepa is intimidating (foreshadowing, anyone?), PeePee Ricky and The False[TM E6] are sent home.

This time I paid a little more attention to the opening credits. The song is pretty lame, and some of the lyrics that I bothered to catch said something about “repping my hood” and “transform my gangsta”.
Shots of LA, the Beverly Hills sign, the G’s house. The G’s wake up and make their bed while some talking head interviews discuss the elimination the night before. Creepa apparently slept in his blazer. Yuck. I hope that butler dude gets those dry cleaned. Creepa wants to talk about getting one black ball at elimination. (subtitled)”Whoever think they can play some **** chess right now, will get their ass spanked.” I’d like to note that the editors are slightly wrong with that—Creepa said “they”, not “their”. It’s G’s talking here! Throw all you know about grammar out the window.
Creepa and then Kesan bang on the bathroom door because D-Boy is taking too long. Kesan hits the door with a belt, then says “I’m going to fuck your mother, dog”. Bring grammar back for a second—that comma is very important in that sentence or we head into a whole different meaning. Then Kesan struts around and kicks what I guess was underwear, because then he calls outs “Briefs!” In a talking head, he tells us he has a history of violence. He and D-Boy talk shit back and forth. You’ve seen a few reality shows, right? Good, so you should know that that arguement will come into play later in the ep.

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