Monthly Archives: February 2009

Random Movie Notes: Take 1

So, I watch a lot of movies. A LOT. I get stacks of DVDs from the library, so seeing how that stuff is free, I just blindly put things on hold and watch pretty much anything that even remotely appeals to me. I’m not going to waste your time with long critiques of movies. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

This week’s viewings:

Gone, Baby, Gone: [Boston accent]Wicked awesome[/Boston accent]. No, but seriously, great movie. Directorial debut of Ben Affleck—I was impressed. You know what was sweet? In the credits of the movie, the first two people he thanks are Jennifer Affleck and Matt Damon. Awww. I love the Ben and Matt friendship. (proof of whiteness) Watch this movie.

Flags of Our Fathers: Kind of boring….but Ryan Phillippe looks damn good in uniform. I like WWII movies but this one wasn’t moving me.

Friday Night Lights:Season One: Okay, so far? Totally in love with this show. And Drunken Bee’s recaps over at Television Without Pity make it that much more fun. I especially enjoy the mentions of Kyle Chandler’s hair’s acting. Season 2 is on hold at the library right now. I love TV on DVD.