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I admit it, I like this song.

I feel like I shouldn’t like Lady Gaga. They still play Just Dance on a regular rotation on the radio here, and I still listen to it every time it comes on. I don’t feel like it’s a great song or a CD I’d want to buy. When I first heard it, I thought “who is this, Taylor Swift? Off.” And then, um…I liked it. Also, side note: I only just realized that Taylor Swift and Taylor Hicks are two entirely different people.

Anyhow, Lady Gaga’s second hit is getting regular play and as much as I feel like it sounds kind of outdated, I kinda love it.

It makes me want to go live out True Life:I’m a Jersey Shore Girl. Go head out to “the shore” and hit some techno club and dance with overmuscled, spikey haired dude with orange skin. Preferably in a room filled with bubble foam, or whatever that shit is that they do. And I am not even making fun of shore-goers; I truly think that would be a lot of fun.


Jam of the Day

I think I want to have a party and insist that people dress like this at the party. 80s night is apparantly something white people enjoy, but how about an Early 90s Night? Where everyone wears either Cross Colours or team jerseys/jackets and dances around to Heavy D. Whaddya think? Slow dancing to Jodeci like it’s a 7th grade dance all over again?

Side note:I did a google search on Cross Colours clothing and came up with this picture.we're so fly. And so fresh.I was highly amused. I love the look on the guy’s face. Also, speaking of early 90s—I used to wear headbands kinda like hers all.the.time. But with my bangs pulled through the front and standing up tall. “The Wave”, we called it. I think I destroyed most of those pictures at this point.

Random Movie Notes:Take 2

Stop Loss—Kinda boring and didn’t hold my interest. Ryan Phillippe continues to be hot though.
Sideways—Enjoyed it.
Friday Night Lights Season 2— Still loving it but it became more TV show-like this season, which is a minus.
The Bank Job–not great, but not bad. And Jason Statham is fucking sexy.
I Am Legend—unpopular opinion, but I didn’t like it. Liked the way he was with the dog though. Will remains watchable.
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium—hmmm…would I watch it again? No. But it wasn’t bad. Also, it gave me one of my new favorite movie quotes ” “What kind of insufferable fool drops a hot dog?”
There Will Be Blood—I watched it for that whole “I WILL DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!” thingie. The movie was peculiar….I forget sometimes what a spectacular actor Daniel Day Lewis is. His performance is what kept me watching.
My Blueberry Nights—What a steaming pile of horseshit. I really considered doing a recap of the movie while I was watching it, because it was so bad. Norah Jones CANNOT act(but she is still a great singer) and is totally unappealing on screen.
I Heart Huckabees—Flat out did not like it. Jude Law is the only reason why I kept it on. Not because he’s cute, but he’s just watchable.

Jam of the Day

Admit it, you loved this song. And probably still do.

Eyeroll-worthy news:I know McNuggets are the shizz…but…

OrangeyaIf you haven’t already heard, a woman called the police numerous times because McDonalds was out of nuggets. That’s not the full story of course–I think what drove her to call in the first place was that they wouldn’t give her a refund. Although I can’t be sure, because she did say “this is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency“. Which–look, I know nuggets are one of those comfort foods from our childhoods that we kind of can’t stop ourselves from getting sometimes…but they are not an emergency.[Side note:am I the only one who misses those little styrofoam boxes they came in with the little area to store your nugget sauce? No, I know I’m not—they talked about that in one of the I Love the 80s installments]
Listen to her calls here

And if you look at the other stories on the righ of that page, she’s not the only Floridian to call 911 over a fast food chain not having what they want.

I don’t get why they didn’t just give her a refund in the first place though. I also don’t get how people get so worked up over fast food(because, for real, she could have just driven a few more minutes to another McDonalds). I worked at McDonald’s for 2 years as my first job(and we killed it:our service was fantastic) and people got pissed off at the most random, stupid shit. Let me let y’all in on something: getting worked up and yelling in that environment only does one thing: guarantees we will be back in the break room making fun of your ass on our next break. We’re not tripping over your outburst over having to pay for that extra slice of cheese. ‘Nother little tidbit: Remember when McDonald’s had that 2 for $2 special on either Big Macs or Quarter Pounders? I once has someone ask me “How much is the 2 for 2?”. SMH.

Damn, I think I want a Quarter Pounder now…

Photo credit: Orangeya on flickr