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Admit it, you loved this song. And probably still do.


Eyeroll-worthy news:I know McNuggets are the shizz…but…

OrangeyaIf you haven’t already heard, a woman called the police numerous times because McDonalds was out of nuggets. That’s not the full story of course–I think what drove her to call in the first place was that they wouldn’t give her a refund. Although I can’t be sure, because she did say “this is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency“. Which–look, I know nuggets are one of those comfort foods from our childhoods that we kind of can’t stop ourselves from getting sometimes…but they are not an emergency.[Side note:am I the only one who misses those little styrofoam boxes they came in with the little area to store your nugget sauce? No, I know I’m not—they talked about that in one of the I Love the 80s installments]
Listen to her calls here

And if you look at the other stories on the righ of that page, she’s not the only Floridian to call 911 over a fast food chain not having what they want.

I don’t get why they didn’t just give her a refund in the first place though. I also don’t get how people get so worked up over fast food(because, for real, she could have just driven a few more minutes to another McDonalds). I worked at McDonald’s for 2 years as my first job(and we killed it:our service was fantastic) and people got pissed off at the most random, stupid shit. Let me let y’all in on something: getting worked up and yelling in that environment only does one thing: guarantees we will be back in the break room making fun of your ass on our next break. We’re not tripping over your outburst over having to pay for that extra slice of cheese. ‘Nother little tidbit: Remember when McDonald’s had that 2 for $2 special on either Big Macs or Quarter Pounders? I once has someone ask me “How much is the 2 for 2?”. SMH.

Damn, I think I want a Quarter Pounder now…

Photo credit: Orangeya on flickr

Random Movie Notes: Take 1

So, I watch a lot of movies. A LOT. I get stacks of DVDs from the library, so seeing how that stuff is free, I just blindly put things on hold and watch pretty much anything that even remotely appeals to me. I’m not going to waste your time with long critiques of movies. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

This week’s viewings:

Gone, Baby, Gone: [Boston accent]Wicked awesome[/Boston accent]. No, but seriously, great movie. Directorial debut of Ben Affleck—I was impressed. You know what was sweet? In the credits of the movie, the first two people he thanks are Jennifer Affleck and Matt Damon. Awww. I love the Ben and Matt friendship. (proof of whiteness) Watch this movie.

Flags of Our Fathers: Kind of boring….but Ryan Phillippe looks damn good in uniform. I like WWII movies but this one wasn’t moving me.

Friday Night Lights:Season One: Okay, so far? Totally in love with this show. And Drunken Bee’s recaps over at Television Without Pity make it that much more fun. I especially enjoy the mentions of Kyle Chandler’s hair’s acting. Season 2 is on hold at the library right now. I love TV on DVD.

Still here!

Lost internet access for an undetermined amount of time. How to live without internet? I’ll tell you—stay in the office 3 hours after getting off work. But I didn’t blog though…I caught up on video of my favorite shows. Still need to catch the new Celebrity Rehab. I’m living without cable too y’all.  It ain’t pretty. I’m saving for a laptop….

From G’s to Gents Season 1,Episode 3—Play or Be Played

Air date: 07/29/2008

This week on From G’s to Gents: the editors fuck up and show a preview of a future ep where the guys all learn how to talk to women. Some girl talks about wanting to do body shots off of Stan’s chest, so apparantly they learn how to be gentleman to girls who get a little slutty at parties. Ahem. So, due to this eff up, we know going into the ep that Cee, Stan, Creepa and Kesan will be staying. Which totally ruins all the tension in this ep about Kesan trying to run out on the show.

I forgot to tell you guys in the first episode recap that I’m friends with one of Pretty Ricky’s cousins. So I only have two degrees of seperation from the white glove.

Let’s get to the actual episode they played. Start out with shots of tattoos, dogs, grafitti, shots of LA, the sun setting, G mansion. The G’s sit around and gossip about Kesan like a bunch of girls. They think Bentley doesn’t see who Kesan really is. Kesan stands on the balcony and listens to them, then pipes up. “What the hell you talkin’ about?” Hollering ensues, but Kesan doesn’t take the bait and goes back into his room.

What appears to be the next day, J Boogie sits around being boring, while Shotta voices over that he thinks J Boogie is a “gangsta who hangs around other gangstas, but is not really a gangsta.” JB interviews that he’s a pretty boy but will snap at you if you come at him the wrong way. Foreshadowing much? I think reality show editing must be pretty much like Paint by Numbers these days. I remember when competitive reality was actually interesting. Or even cheesy goodness like Paradise Island or Kept. Continue reading

Pop Culture Moments from My Adolescence

In my last entry, I talked to you about being an 80s child. But I also see myself as a 90s child as well, and if there were ever a Wonder Years type show based on my coming of age years, the soundtrack would be filled with New Jack Swing from the early 90s. So I’ll be posting videos on occasion that take me back to a simpler time, like those days in junior high when I had a crush on Rostell, the guy who wore all his pants backwards to be like Kriss Kross. ‘Member that? He hung onto that trend way longer than he should have too.

Here’s the first video. Ah, Monday nights at 730 in 7th grade—-were spent rapping along to the theme song to this show.

MTV is so over.

Once upon a time, you could sit and watch MTV for hours and actually be entertained. I grew up in the 80s and early 90s, and MTV was actually relevant back then. Trend setting. The VMAs was a show you HAD to watch. Anyone who didn’t have MTV at school was given strange looks. During summer vacation and spring break, it was okay if you didn’t have a life because you could park yourself on the couch and watch Club MTV, House of Style, Liquid Television, Remote Control, Yo! MTV Raps. Or even shit you don’t really want to admit to watching anymore, like Singled Out. I watched that every day. Admit it, you just watched that and felt all melancholy. It’s okay, so did I. Back in the day, you could spend your whole spring break watching MTV’s Spring Break. And back then, people on The Real World were actually interesting, and not especially cute. The roomies weren’t all trying to sleep with each other. What about Sex in the 90s? Um, awesome, that’s what that was. And what the hell ever happened to The Week in Rock? Kurt Loder might be ancient now, but dude knew his shit. And he wasn’t an ass kisser either, which I enjoyed.

As you might guess, this week’s VMAs inspired this post. The VMAs were once The Show to Watch. Remember when Prince had his ass hanging out? Remember the Madonna/Courtney Love awkwardness? Shit, remember when Madonna performed Vogue? And I’m not going to completely hate on the 2000s. There were choice moments, like when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pissed off Jennifer Lopez, and MTV was terrified that she would never appear on the network again so they cut that part out of the rebroadcast. Good stuff. When did Rose McGowan show up in that see-thru dress? Now, MTV can’t think of any better way to get ratings, so they have Britney Spears open the show with some terrible acting and try to pretend it’s 2001 again. Yeah, last year’s show was fun for a few minutes when Britbot gave that horrendous performance of “Gimme More”, bad weave and all. Paula Abdul’s career never recovered after performing “Vibeology” at an awards show—-the same should have happened to Britney. But no, MTV no longer has anything interesting to offer(proven by all those Date My Mom marathons—people actually enjoy that show?), so they bribe Britney with a few moon men to get her to come and “redeem” herself. She shows up, looks mentally challenged during a skit with Superbad guy(who I’m sick of by now), badly feigns surprise when she accepts her awards(for a video I’ve never even heard of), and this somehow makes it the Comeback of the Year!!!!1 I bet you ten bucks Larry Rudolph whispered into her ear “Don’t say ‘I’m speechless’ again in this speech. You already did it the first two times” right before she headed up to scoop up the Video of the Year award. Yeah, Video of the Year. For that Piece of Shit Me song. Why can’t we just let Britney continue being the joke she is, and stop giving her chance after chance? Let her run around town with period stained panties and a bad English accent, feeding her kids Cheetos and Sunkist soda. But her music career? Over. Just like MTV is. Want me to start watching again? Air a weekend marathon of the first five seasons of The Real World, or even just RW:Miami. Nothing beats Flora breaking the window as she tries to watch Mike have sex in the bathroom.
The Day a Career Should Have Finally Died:

And look—it’s not that I’m some Britney hater. Her Britney CD is on my computer, and somewhere I’ve got a single of From the Bottom of My Broken Heart. I’ve danced to I’m a Slave for You in the clubs. But some people get their time in the limelight, and then it fades.