Jam of the Day

I think I want to have a party and insist that people dress like this at the party. 80s night is apparantly something white people enjoy, but how about an Early 90s Night? Where everyone wears either Cross Colours or team jerseys/jackets and dances around to Heavy D. Whaddya think? Slow dancing to Jodeci like it’s a 7th grade dance all over again?

Side note:I did a google search on Cross Colours clothing and came up with this picture.we're so fly. And so fresh.I was highly amused. I love the look on the guy’s face. Also, speaking of early 90s—I used to wear headbands kinda like hers all.the.time. But with my bangs pulled through the front and standing up tall. “The Wave”, we called it. I think I destroyed most of those pictures at this point.


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