Random Movie Notes:Take 2

Stop Loss—Kinda boring and didn’t hold my interest. Ryan Phillippe continues to be hot though.
Sideways—Enjoyed it.
Friday Night Lights Season 2— Still loving it but it became more TV show-like this season, which is a minus.
The Bank Job–not great, but not bad. And Jason Statham is fucking sexy.
I Am Legend—unpopular opinion, but I didn’t like it. Liked the way he was with the dog though. Will remains watchable.
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium—hmmm…would I watch it again? No. But it wasn’t bad. Also, it gave me one of my new favorite movie quotes ” “What kind of insufferable fool drops a hot dog?”
There Will Be Blood—I watched it for that whole “I WILL DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!” thingie. The movie was peculiar….I forget sometimes what a spectacular actor Daniel Day Lewis is. His performance is what kept me watching.
My Blueberry Nights—What a steaming pile of horseshit. I really considered doing a recap of the movie while I was watching it, because it was so bad. Norah Jones CANNOT act(but she is still a great singer) and is totally unappealing on screen.
I Heart Huckabees—Flat out did not like it. Jude Law is the only reason why I kept it on. Not because he’s cute, but he’s just watchable.


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