Heller. Let’s get this first[or second,actually] post out of the way.

What can you expect from this blog? Completely random show recaps, pop culture commentary, perhaps a bit of celebrity gossip, me bitching about various things(like taking the bus), daily observations, and when I get some actual money, frequent pics and video blogs.

“Blue-eyed soul” singers are white artists who’ve got that flava you don’t usually expect. I like to think I’ve got some flava, and yet I still can’t do the tootsie roll(okay, I do it in the privacy of my own home, but never in public) and I do a lot of things they talk about on Stuff White People Like. We’ll talk a little about that here too. I watched the new 90210 last night just to see Kelly Taylor again and I’m dying to know who her baby daddy is, so that’s my whiteness creeping out. I really want to go see NKOTB in concert too. So, more whiteness.

Soooo….I hope you’re amused enough to stop by on a regular basis.


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